Los Angeles and its attractions

Noticias y cosas que pasan en el pueblo
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Los Angeles and its attractions

Post by Bemar » 31 Oct 2021, 20:12

I'm going to Los Angeles because I'm taking my son with the sports team, so I'm going with him and from now on I have to locate myself in that city so big and full of so many attractions. Searching the web, I found ForLosangelesLovers, a website that shows me very necessary places such as stores, photography places, sports stores, theaters, shows, shopping malls, pharmacies, parks, parking lots, medical services and so on. It is really very very good and I love to have this guide. Wherever you go, it can make your stay a little easier and without so many problems of location and transportation.

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Re: Los Angeles and its attractions

Post by Gogo22 » 24 Oct 2022, 18:49

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