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In 1521 and during the time of prosperity of the Catholic Monarchs, the General Council of Castile up residence in this village. Among the few noble buildings that remain from the time the house stands Barona Gutierrez family, built in the late sixteenth leaving the shield walls of the family.

Later this building became Chair in America where were present excellent teachers among which Don Raimundo de Miguel, excellent Latinist.

Today the original building as only the main façade and is designed to nursing home.


Every day in the monastery is praised God through the Office Divino.Se celebrates the Eucharist and the Blessed Sacrament is exposed Sacramento.

8:00 h: Laudes;

(domingos y festivos 7,50)
8:30 h: Eucharist
Exposition of the Blessed
17:00 h: Rosary
20:20: Vespers (Sundays and holidays 19:30)

To all the faithful are invited to participate and from this Castilian small corner.


The Community as the Poor Sisters of Santa Clara, lives on Divine Providence through the benefactors and the work of their hands:



On August 11 we celebrate the Feast of Santa Clara, which is our Foundress, Santa Clara was born in 1193, in a Assisi stately palace, after a happy childhood and loving, at 18, strongly impressed and attracted by the ideal S. Francis of Assisi, wanted to continue her life of poverty and abnegation for which he fled his palace one night to devote to Lord.

With Jesus in the Eucharist in their hands, saved from the invasion of Saracens their own convent and the city of Assisi. It was then When Jesus heard from the lips of those comforting words: "I I will always be your custody. "

And after a life filled with love for the mysteries of Jesus and Mary in the manger, on the Cross and the Eucharist, died August 11, 1253. The Blessed Virgin came with his retinue virgins to look for transport back to heaven, while she whispered softly: "Blessed are you, Lord, you created me."

Santa Clara is the founder, S. Francis of the Order of St. Clara or Clare.

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