Located 13 miles south of Castrojeriz and end of fertile valley through which the waters coming from the spring The Pedraja, we find the small settlement of Valbonilla. From the road that descends from the wilderness and coming of Vallajera you can see an aerial view of their complete small settlement.

Your name, etymologically mean something like "valley good "and its history has been united since the tenth century, that of Castrojeriz.

The most important building of its population center is the church Gothic San Juan, dating from the fourteenth century whose mating has a beautiful cross vaults. His appearance is very austere and has attached a small cemetery on the right side.

Al NE are the ruins of the old village of La Pedraja, Fuentelencina near the spring and west of the remains of nunnery canons of St. Augustine.

Until 1855 the inhabitants grazed their flocks Castrojeriz Valbonilla near land, but with the seizure of Madoz, they were deprived of such rights and those of cut wood in nearby mountains.

Nearby was the monastery of friars of Castrojeriz. Until recent years the monastery was dependent on property of the Marquis of Camarasa and was in stable storage conditions, but little attention and scarce have maintained that, little by little, these and other ruins local interests have suffered the consequences of their gradual destruction.