Among Matajudíos Villasilos and Castrillo, between the Odra river and Padilla Arroyo is the small town of Villaveta. Nearby, at the end of the Revilla, are Roman remains.

Its history goes back to the late ninth century to be annexed Castrojeriz dependent terms in the late XI Alfonso VI.

Among his architectural background we can say that about a small hill stood the palace of the Fernandez Velasco, Constables of Castile, on whose ruins was built the present church of the Immaculate Conception.

Building stones of ancient churches of Santiago and San Esteban, in the sixteenth century, its inhabitants were busy in this beautiful Construction, led by the best teachers of the time. Its history is detailed with precision in 1702 by D. Gil French Ildefonso by reference notes D. John Gil knows his building at an early stage.

Its Gothic ribs, but mostly performed by Pedro de Lanestrosa master mason, is due to drawings Rodrigo Gil de Hontañón and the splendid altarpiece master sculptor and assembler Fernando de la Peña made between 1689 and 1690.