Dependent Castrojeriz also, along the banks of river Odra, North towards the town of Villasilos found.

Its historical antecedents lie in the Jurisdiction of Castrojeriz around the ninth century, which speaks of a lawsuit in which is narrated that one of the Perez Villasilos noble, seizes and takes part livestock of sheep Castrojeriz. At this the noble Rodriguez Melgar de Yuso, helped by much of the population without await the outcome of "Merino" governor of the land King, attack the possessions of the Perez and reproduce the cattle Castro pastures.

These lawsuits, common at the time, stop by confirming Alfonso Castrojeriz VI Forum in granting tax exemptions and is included among the terms belonging to this place Villasilos town.

In the sixteenth century became independent municipalities, but returns to Castrojeriz administrative unit in 1972.

The most important building is the St. Andrew's Church, built in the sixteenth century, in which construction involved several architects and teachers Trasmiera of Cantabria, Juan de Pobles, Juan de Helguera and Grandmaster Thomas Gil, who is the side chapels, Gothic vaults and the choir which were finished in the year 1603. But if architecture is grand, too beautiful are your no less than eleven altarpieces, among which, without doubt, the main altar dedicated to Saint Andrew, the work of master architect Sobremazas Juan de Cantabria.