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Next to the Church of Hontanas, right next to the apse, appears an attractive source of cut stone, with a tuft of half a point, austere moldings and a six-pointed star in relief. The front two symmetrical channels compete in unison having an abundant and fresh water. At the foot a rectangular stack, also molded, receives from a fence that provides support for pitchers and vases. To the left of it, cut in stone, is the overflow to the ground that clears fluid.

It is curious rectangular stone recerca the edge. It could be a kind of physical demarcation of run support environment ... where to leave the vases, before or after filling ... or just a bench to sit and wait as they fill the pots, because, despite the current water houses, many people think is best to drink this water and periodically performs the relevant collection.

The source and the imposing church set up a very interesting urban environment close to the shelter, fresh water and shade to recover forces for the next day.