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Following the road and after crossing the arch of San Antón and visited the collegiate church and the neighborhood, we find another of the many sources that account Castrojeriz.

Adjoining the ruins of San Francisco and at the junction with the road, left, leads the Convent of the Clares, it appears the source of "The Cambija."

This is a set in stone masonry with a party, probably from the ruins of San Francisco, which, he added, on the one hand, a long pylon in the form of longitudinal trough which breaks into the convent, where cooling Even today, the cattle after the long days of hot summer sun.

Beside him a small brick hut, raised by two to three steps and roof waters, headed, lie two thin pipes emerging from the wall, decorated with a carved face, from which springs a thin trickle of fresh water to the rectangular stack, also of stone, each with support for pitchers and vases. At the top is a sign on which reads "YEAR 1881".