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Leaving from Burgos and after passing through Villalvilla, Tardajos, Rabe, Hot Plates and near churches, the first source we could find to get into the end of Hontanas is the Source of the rammer. It is known by this name, but actually a small cake cool spring that flows freely with no tube or anything.

It is located beside the road to Santiago, in a fork of land that comes right with a slight downward slope. A rustic sign nailed to a poplar indicates their status

There, we found a stone circle as a hole, in which a permanent springs fresh and clear water to the pilgrims, hunters, paella and snacks to take advantage chops and cool to drink wine, fruit and other foods.

Beside him, a large esplanade shaded by poplars, is the scene for dishes and banquets. They say that, at times, has seen a group of people making paella and lots of chops and roasting, up to two lambs medieval style, with contraptions to turn them over coals and all ...